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Get your time back - Entrepreneurs often times wear many different hats.  Take the stress off of bookkeeping so you can focus on what you do best, let us do the rest.  You will appreciate clean and timely books to help you run your business and make faster decisions.


Market Analysis

Whether you’re a landlord, wholesaler, investor, or flipper.  We know your business and we know how tricky the accounting can become with multiple tenants, multiple projects, contract for deed, wrap around, and owner financed properties.  Real estate is unique because income can be earned in a multitude of ways, but can all be taxed differently.  It’s important you work with an experienced real estate accountant.  We have years of experience with real estate properties and can help you find a solution that will make you (and your tenants) happy.  We communicate often with bankers, and strive for your financials to always be lender ready.


Analysing the Numbers

Ok, taxes are unavoidable (most times), but effective strategic tax planning takes place year round, not just at tax time!  Without a clear plan, you can end up paying more or not enough taxes, and neither one is a good thing.  Tax laws are constantly changing, and it’s easy to overlook deductions and credits.  Even software can’t substitute an experienced tax preparer. We are available for tax planning, tax preparation, and quarterly/year-end tax reporting.



so you want to start a new business?  That’s great - we love entrepreneurs!  But first, let’s talk about your goals, what you want out of the business, what type of entity do you need.  We are available to help with business planning, identify sources of start up capital, evaluate your borrowing power, select your entity structure (to minimize taxes of course!), prepare cash flow budget, set up payroll accounts if needed, and put you in touch with an attorney to get an operating agreement. Let us help you succeed, by getting your business off on the right foot!


Market Analysis


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